Climate festival Warmer Wetter Wilder

– the meeting place for climate, knowledge and culture

Climate festival Warmer Våtere Villere held its first edition in March 2022 in Bergen. The festival springs from the desire to make the climate debate more accessible and engaging.

The aim is to create an informal and social arena where everything from the global issues to the less everyday actions is discussed.

Development of the visual system included the design of the logo, color palette and graphic elements that can be adapted to different surfaces, both digital and physical. The forms are based on issues that can be linked to the climate debate, but which at the same time have a rather abstract expression, so that they could be used for all events during the festival.

The identity is recognisable, even without using the name or logo. This makes it easy to use in several different contexts, as shown in the pictures.

In the production of the physical, we used recycled and reused materials. We have also arranged for materials to be reused for next year’s festival.

Photo – Øystein Haara